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One of the most serious problems of a company is centralizing the hole information related to a client, information which usually is divided in the marketing, sales and technical support teams. If a company has a faulty system of centralizing information, then it cannot have an idea about its present stage concerning the execution of the business plan, it cannot have visibility over the sales team activity or over the efficiency of the marketing team investments, it cannot know the clients’ perception over the products or services offered and it won’t be working efficiently in a more and more competitive market.

The key of success stands in a company’s ability to use a “single voice” in communicating with clients. In order for this to be possible, it is necessary that you ensure yourselves that the information about clients are available for all employees and that they are impregnate correctly to every employee that interacts with clients.

Each and every man inside the company must know his role and responsibility in the company, which are the limits of authority, how to interact with other teams, what processes to utilize in certain situations, how to access the data about clients, how to recognize the alarm signals regarding un unsatisfied client and how to act proactively in order to eliminate the client’s dissatisfaction.

A CRM can help companies to become more efficiently through bringing the clients’ voices in all the businesses aspects and through transformation of the entire company towards a common point of view in the clients’ relationship.

Our objective is to offer you an efficient solution to identify, attract and keep clients. By utilizing this CRM, a company will be able to have a clear prevision of the sale and the teams and departments will work together, on the same set of information referring to each client separately.

  The main advantages of utilizing CRM are:

  • making the sales and distribution activity more efficiently
  • automation of the processes between the departments and organizational, which affects more teams, departments and divisions
  • improving the relationships with clients and partners
  • offering access to information in real time
  • easiness in managing it
  • historic database which permits complex reports
  • multiple levels of securing
  • flexibility, possibility of adapting to the client’s requests
  • access to the information from the certain territory and the working points through the internet
  • unique interface of utilizing, familiar and easy to use
  • visual instruments, graphs, which can be easy utilized in order to introduce new rules, processes or practices specific to the company
  • your clients are very good sustained, they trust your products and services and they are satisfied by the professionalism of the clients services; thus, the clients and partners loyalty increases towards the products and services offered
  • the employees understand the expectations of your clients, which can be covered and anticipated due to a complete and up to date database
  • improves all the processes related to clients relationships
  • helps the employees to get rid of the inefficient, tiring or useless management activities related to potential and existing clients, so that they will be able to work with pleasure and efficiently
  • permits mobile access
  • the employees have access to the newest information
  • determines the adoption of solid business processes for all the teams that interact with clients
  • increases the visibility of the performance indicators of the marketing, sales and technical support teams


  • detailed analyses and a key support for developing the business
  • complex and structured reports, from the general level to the smallest details
  • activity information related to all the teams
  • complete picture control, inclusive e-mail alerts for the ones who don’t access the system regularly


  • ability of personalizing the menus and interface according to the rights, to each employee
  • possibility of extracting the data from other software applications or information sources
  • possibility of accessing different reports from a unique interface


The profitable relationships with the satisfied clients and employees, contributes to a maximum increase of the company to the profit. The Sales Force force reduces its sales cycles and increase its main indicators of performance (the turnover per commercial, the size of the charge, the turnover per client, etc). Your marketing expenses decrease, opportunities are generated and the buying is improved considerably, the responses to the advertising campaigns are multiplied, which determines an increase of the entire turnover.

Your support team improves its productivity and ensures the clients retention, in the same time contributing to cost reduction and promptitude increase in the requests resolving process.