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Manager Financiar CRM is a solid system for the clients’ relationship management which helps the clients’ support and sales departments to attract new clients and to expand the sales to the existing ones, in the condition of decreasing operational costs and offering quality services.

Manager Financiar CRM offers the instruments and the features necessary to create and maintain a clear image over the clients, from the first contact until buying and forward to post-sale processes. With the help of modules for sales, marketing and services for clients, Financial Manger CRM offers a quick, flexible and economic solution, which guarantees considerable improvements of each business process. With this solution, you can create tighter relationships with the clients and reach new levels of advantageousness.

Chiar şi în cazul companiilor cu cele mai complexe procese de vânzări, Manager Financiar CRM oferă funcţionalităţi uşor de utilizat, pentru a optimiza modul în care departamentele de vânzări şi marketing atrag clienţi noi, administrează campaniile de marketing, gestionează activităţile de vânzări.

Why would you choose Manager Financiar CRM instead of another solution of clients’ management?

  • it offers a strong instruments both to the employees from the front office and to those from the back office, through supplying detailed information, in useful time
  • transforms the interaction processes with clients in innovative processes
  • permits an innovative process in the creation of new rules- facilitates to the user the access to a superior level through a rules generator; this permits even the employees who don’t have technical knowledge to create and to coordinate complex rules of business
  • innovates in the decision taking process- ensures you that all your employees follow the same rules and the best practices in the clients relationship area
  • permits a fast development in real time
  • increases the employees productivity with very low costs
  • Manager Financiar CRM includes support services on the web which make the CRM features easy to expand in the entire company in order to include all the channels of interaction with clients
  • Soft Expert offers a large variety of development and integration options in order to ensure the biggest value for the investments you make in technology
  • quick implementation, flexible development
  • integration with ERP Manager Financiar
  • easy to use application