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The software modules implemented by Soft Expert are being offered as SaaS - Software as a Service as well and also installed on dedicated servers and offered to the clients via internet. This is why:

  • You don’t need dedicated IT infrastructure

    Your being able to read these lines is a proof that you already have all that you need- a web browser and internet access; all you need to make sure of is that the rest of your team benefits from the same facilities. There’s no need to have dedicated computers, expensive server license, back units and software, UPS batteries or IT specialists. Leave it all to us!

  • Your initial costs and risks decrease

    Instead of paying considerable amounts on dedicated software solutions only to later discover their uselessness as far as your needs are concerned, Soft Expert gives you the opportunity, in exchange of affordable monthly costs, to experiment one solution or another at minimal risks.

  • The implementation is fast

    This solution is backed up by an appropriate hardware infrastructure that comes as an alternative to the time wasted on implementation.

  • You will benefit from free latest versions and more frequent upgrades

    We continuously improve the software application, which means that the latest version of the application will be available for use to all the beneficiaries, at no supplementary costs. The client will always access the latest version.

  • You will benefit from security

    The security we offer to the application as well as the clients’ data is contract-guaranteed with all the involved parties. We consider that Manager Financiar CRM can offer a greater data security and confidentiality than any internally-conducted one by the client.

  • Your permanent presence at the office is no longer a must

    You can send a report or follow the company’s activity status at any time and from anywhere, without further investing in elaborate access solutions through VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). You will be able to interact with your team through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) web-secured channels that only require internet connection.