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Services >> Implementation

 The implementation period - lasting from the moment you acquire the system until you use it for production- is a really short one, thanks to the methodologies we use as well as the user-friendly interface of the system, resulting in the short-term recovery of your investment due to using the system.

 The implementation plan of Soft Expert includes:

  • Identifying the business requirements (business requirements and specifications);
  • Making an analysis of differences in relation with the standard functionalities;
  • The standard system installation of Manager Financiar CRM;
  • The development of specific requirements;
  • The configuration of specific requirements;
  • The development of specific reports along the implementation process;
  • Offering training support to the application users;
  • Testing the application;
  • Initializing the system production;
  • Offering on-line technical support.

Post-implementation services

After implementing the system, the Soft Expert team offers technical support for any system malfunctions that may appear along.

The technical support services are offered to the clients on-line or through a VPN connection.